Tree Planting Hacks During Spring Time

If you are searching for ways to spruce up your yard this year 2020 or you’ve already included tree planting in your to-do-list for your spring landscape, there are essential things you should know to guarantee that your young trees will have the best life. Check out the following tree planting tips for the springtime that we’ll be discussing: 

Determine a specific location before you select a tree to plant 

Other property owners know which type of tree they like to plant in their yard before looking for a great location where to plant them. But doing that the other way around to that is much more helpful since tree species have various needs in terms of how much space they require to develop, the kind of soil they develop best in, and the amount of sun they get. Select which areas in your yard you would want to plant trees, then select a tree type that matches the soil and sunlight in that area. 

Refrain from planting during late spring 

There are a lot of tree types that survive once they are planted during the spring. However, some species do better once they are planted during the fall season. For instance, evergreen and maple trees grow best if they are planted after the summer. Moreover, once the springtime is almost ending by the moment you can start planting new trees to your yard, it would be best to wait until the fall season since the incoming summer heat could be extremely harsh especially on young trees.  

Determine how frequent your trees should be watered 

Fresh, young and newly planted trees need a lot more waters to develop compared to older trees. You can aid to maintain moisture in and let the root system of your tree to establish itself by layering the soil that surrounds the base of your tree with mulch. Inspect the soil that surrounds your tree every day and water once the soil gets extremely dry to keep together once squeezed. Refrain over-watering your tree always since the roots could die and drown before they’re formed in the ground. 

Consider the roots 

As soon as your tree is planted, the roots will spread and grow so that they could reach the nutrients and water they require to stay alive. You can help roots to spread without struggling much by loosely packing soil surrounding the tree and digging a massive hole to plant your tree in.  

Never hesitate to contact an arborist 

If you are worried about your tree’s health and condition, or you need your old trees to be removed before you add new young trees to your yard during the sprint season, it would be best to contact the professional arborists in Columbia Tree Service. We provide tree removal, tree maintenance, tree care, and 24-hour emergency tree service within the vicinity of Columbia. If you have any inquiries for any of our tree services, call us immediately.